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Great App Its so easy to use and fast and love the logo.

Not reliable

I paid for a parking spot and got a ticket anyway. The makers of the app claimed that they are not responsible, and don’t help you to resolve the situation.

network errors

constantly times out due to network error. when it works, takes forever to move onto the next screen. really crappy until these issues can be fixed.

Only one car

Had issues installing. Can only enter one license plate in profile. Other similar apps lets you enter up to four vehicles.

Inconsistent pricing

The pricing structure on the app can be different from the posted rates. In one lot I park at the app shows a day rate that is $10 more than what you pay at the machine. Ive spoken directly with the parking supervisor and folks at the head office about this issue several times over the past two months but its still incorrect. I dont trust the app to be correct.

Poor customer service

The app is unreliable. Its currently showing the wrong price for my lot. Their customer service team is terrible and has not been able to resolve the issue.

Life simplified!

Makes my life easy! No change, running back to the meter, and forgetting how much time I have left!

To the point.

Makes parking much simpler. No need to find coins.

Love Parkmobile

Best app and so convenient! No more having to search for quarters and its so easy to manage. I recommend it if the meters around you have it

Love this app!

This was the best idea ever for parking meters!

Does what is says

Never had a problem and. Ow I dont have to worry about busted meters and carrying around change. Only awkward part was changing payment methods when I got a new card.

No tickets

Havent had a parking ticket in over 3 years, since I got it.


I love this app makes finding parking so easy and convenient.


Sometimes I cant log off and i have to continue to pay for a spot Im not using. And tech support is very poor. Im back to having a bag of coins in my car for parking.

Works great

Very simple, easy to use app. So far no glitches or issues identifying parking zones

Good stuff

Like the touch access

Love it

Easy to use and so convenient.

Just dont use it to hide fee increases

I love this app...the days of pumping meters with quarters are long gone. Please dont use ParkMobile as a way to bump parking fees in a sneaky way the way EZPass does :-/

New login requirement

Whats with the new log in requirement? No longer the simple great app I loved. BTW, tried to log in, forgot my password, and the app said it was sending it to me, but it never arrived.

Add Apple Pay

Its a great app! Add Apple Pay and itll be a 5-star app!

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