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Saves so much time!

Love this app. I never had enough change on me and this app has been awesome!

Great app.

I use it all the time for work in Miami Beach and dont have to worry about carrying change or reloading meters!

Simple, easy to use, works.

Nothing fancy but it works well. Wish I could find zones by location. Sometimes I have to walk back to remember zone.

Im downtown in Houston, TX a lot!

This makes my work life easier ! : ))

So convenient!

Its nice to be able to extend from a block over.

A lifesaver

This app has changed the way I do business in the City, allowing me to "plug my meter" while I work. No more need to run out and catch the meter maid as they are writing the ticket (or towing the car!). Thank you for this great app.


I dont like that they cant remember my use name and password. Plus it is somewhat pricey. Other than that it does the job.

Great app

Works great! No more digging for loose change or racing back to the car just to find you are late and have a gift on the windshield waiting for you.

Good, simple app.

Easy to use. Has the ocassional hiccup but its better than using the parking meters. My only complaint is that i am sometimes logged out after the app is updated.


I like the app, makes paying for parking quick and easy, especially when Im running late. Not sure its worth paying an extra $.55 though so I generally only use it when Im running late and dont want to stop at the meter.

Buggy, but good when working

In the past, this app worked fairly well. Clean design, simple and did the job right. The reminders could be a bit of a nag. Lately its been completely useless, however, not remembering my sign-in credentials. Also, it doesnt "remember" when I allow Touch ID to store my password. The last thing I want to do is remember a password for an app I use once or twice a month. And it makes me nervous that my credit card info is out there with a company that cant get such a simple thing right.


Easy to use and saves me money and time.

So convenient!

I love that i can park at multiple locations and pay quickly and easily.

Quick convenient & efficient love that they incorporated PayPal as a pay option!

Great App.

Made parking and adjusting time on the spot so much easier.

Simply convenient


Great App!!

Love the convenience of this app! No more running to the meter!!!

Perfect App

Absolutely perfect App. So easy and efficient. Makes parking a dream.

So Great! So Convenient! So Easy!

Its simple - if you have a smartphone and not using this app youre an idiot! Sorry.


Terrific app. I use it every day. No problems at all!

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