Parkmobile App yorumlar

Takes hassle out of parking

I started using the service about six months ago for parking in New Orleans and I love it! Keeps me from having to constantly worry about the meter and having change, yes those are still around in New Orleans.

Easy to use, nice UI

It just works. 😀

Too much info needed

Can’t I just put the parking number or even better have it scanned and Apple Pay with it? I have to sign up first, and then enter my license plate number. No thanks. I can find coins faster in between the seats.

Easy to use, must have

I’ve used several of these apps in metro DC and Miami. This one is the easiest to use and update at this point. You seem to have worked through the previous issues of entry and payment. I like that it lets me know if I don’t have to pay based on date/time before I actually do it.

Can’t remove credit card

Doesn’t let you remove a credit card you no longer want to use. Talk about security!

Great and convenient

Can pay in a variety of ways! It really helped me out of a hassle

No Apple Pay

Does not support Apple Pay. Why should I give your app my credit card information. In app purchases or Apple Pay only!!

Great App!!

Works very well. No need to carry quarters any more!! And so nice to be reminded when parking is about to expire. So easy to add time remotely. Thanks!!


Of course you need to allow notifications to use the app ... but then you send promotions? Like, weekly? Cmon. This is a bummer business practice. If there were another option I would delete this immediately. What a disrespect for your PAYING customers. Be better than this.


Works great! Had no issues so far!

Great easy app.

Easy, fast, convenient. Drive a truck, SUV or Vette. Better then underground. Easy to extend during meetings. Great app.

Doesn’t work-

This is a horrible app, and shame on cities who got rid of regular parking meters to implement this. They have three different payment methods from me because the first, then the second didn’t process. Now the third doesn’t work. You can’t call anyone-period. You have to email and wait for them to respond, which might be days. Useless if you’re trying to park. I just ended up having to park and walk 8 blocks in the rain today. Now I can’t get in touch with anyone to get all my credit card data removed. And the box with the information on it doesn’t have parking hours on it. 12/8/17 response: I tried parking last night again with no luck. It was dark and I am not going to try to resolve parking issues via email while I’m in a rush- I don’t know who thinks that’s remotely reasonable. I DID call the number and got stuck in a useless IVR loop. I called the city number and got nowhere. It was an absolute waste of time. I am contacting my city representative today and copying the Magazine Street merchants’ association. Those hard-working, struggling business owners should know that the city is placing unreasonable restrictions on their ability to attract customers at this crucial time of year, and because the app doesn’t work, the city’s not even getting the parking revenue.

This app is awful

This is one of the worst apps I have ever used, If I didn't absolutely need it, I would delete this app because it never works. It doesn't save your default card, won't let you start a new parking session after your first ends and tells you "MUST END CURRENT SESSION" even when you don't have an active parking session going. Extremely frustrating to use. They need to do some major updating.

Fantastic an app that does what it says


Great Ap!!!

I love this ap, I use it all the time. I can’t see myself without it.

why no options for less than an hour

i do enjoy using this app for its convenience - but wish there were options for less than an hour. i get it - THAT’s how money is made - but i hate it when i have to pay for the hour and i’m using that spot for less than 10 minutes. that’s why 4 stars - otherwise, it would be 5

Preferably would love FREE parking

This app can “save people’s lives”. Even though pan handlers are out to get you at ANY location. SMH

Don't use this app to pay!!!

Walk to the kiosk and pay instead of using this app. I used it in Atlanta today and ended up getting a boot put in my car bc my payment was not in their system. It showed up on my app, the parking enforcer checked our payment, location, and license plate and it was all correct. I payed correctly and it never showed in their system. I had to wait 20 min with my car full of kids to get someone out here to remove the boot. Unacceptable!! I'll never use this app again.


New app is actually alright. Would be nifty if it had a rewards system for every ten transactions or something.


Please stop spamming me with notifications as I drive into certain areas.


It is convenient to have this app since pay by phone is in some areas in Miami



Resulted in a citation

This app automatically detected I was in a zone a few blocks from where I actually parked. It did not state the address, but instead a zone number. I foolishly trusted the app new my location with enough certainty that I didn't walk back to the kiosk machine to make sure the zone number matched. Next I'll just use the machine since this app is getting uninstalled today.

Really nice

So far this is really a great little app. Using more all the time

Greatest app in town

I adore Parkmobile. No more fumbling for change. Can add time as needed. Have only run into one problem when I tried two spots and the zone wouldn’t come up. Have used that zone many times and it’s a two hour zone. Only glitch in a hundred uses

Use it all the time.

Parkmobile is a great app for parking in my city (Pittsburgh). I use it all the time and after the first year kinks, it works like a charm.

Won’t ever connect unless on WiFi

This app is terrible! The whole point is to be able to use it when in parking areas but the app won’t find parking zones or states check network connection unless connected to WiFi. My phone connection is fine I can use any other app or look up anything else just this stupid app won’t work. What’s the point of this if WiFi is needed to use it??

Amazing App

I have used this app over the last few years and it is great. I like the convenience of the app the the service that it provides. I don’t have to go out to the meter to add funds, best thing since slice bread!

Makes life so much easier

Love this app. Have used it for a few years now. Makes downtown parking SO MUCH EASIER. Have never gotten a ticket. Didn’t use to be able to renew if parked in a max time spot- may be able to now (haven’t needed to lately.) No issues ever, always works, I suggest it to strangers as they wait in long lines to pay.

Hair Salon Parking is GREAT!

I’ve been using the parking app in Oakland for a very LONG TIME because I ha e to pay for parking to visit my hair salon. The app works GREAT!!! One of the few things in life to count on. Helpful hint: Save the receipts you get in email into a folder just in case - but I’ve never had a problem in over two years.

Very convenient!!!

Best tool when running late or out of cash!!

Best app

It’s a great app let’s me manage my parking spot remotely. Over all it’s super

Poor Payment System

Why would you remove the ability to add a credit card from your app?!?!? I don’t use Visa Checkout not PayPal. I can’t delete old payment methods either?? Why isn’t this app supporting Apple Pay yet? This is a terrible experience from the app to they payment kiosk.

What an amazing app!

Parking has become such an ease since ParkMobil was developed. I love using this app - it's a joy to run around the city not having to worry about having coins or dollar bills to stick in the meters - and, when availabile, extending your session after being warned by the app that your session is expiring! Thank you to the developers - well done.

Cool app

Parkmobile saves time & money and is easy to use. Receipt emails easily dropped into QBP/QuickBooks for employee/smb owners. Indispensable for business use.

Very helpful

I’m glad to use it. It’s not obvious how to get to my favorite parking locations.

Zero stars don’t waste your money twice!!

I paid using this app just to receive a ticket when I came back to my car. What now? According to the Parkmobile app I have to contest the ticket with the parking authority and Parkmobile app won’t refund my money. is cheaper for me to pay the ticket than to drive over there and contest it in court. This app is a joke it is suppose to make the whole process of paying for your parking easy and convenient but the lack of synchronicity between their database and the parking authority is apparently no existent.

App is confusing and hard to understand

Upon signing up for the app, it asked for your card information and prompts you to continue without stating that once you do, your payment will be processed. There should be some warning stating that payment will be taken if you continue. I was charged $6 before I could open the app and figure out how it worked. Also, the map for directions really needs work. It does not direct you, so you have to look at it to figure streets out while you’re driving! And best of all, the map is upside down the whole time you’re trying to read it.

Great convenient app!

I love having this!!!

Great for parking on campus

I use this all the time to park on campus, and even in bigger cities when traveling for easy parking.

This app is a lifesaver!

Makes things so much easier when I need to park in a busy area.

Annoying spam notifications

App sends annoying spam notifications promoting their preferred services, promotions, or just other spam. You can’t turn them off without turning off notifications for the whole app in your system preferences or deleting it.

Love it! Just fabulous

I’ve used this for a while and they keep improving and I love it!

Bad Logic

In a 2 hour zone, if I park for 20 minutes and let it expire I can’t pay for any more parking time in that zone. I tried after 10, then 20 minutes, etc. I don’t know when this app would have let me pay again.

How DARE you spam my notifications

This app isn’t too useful with notifications disabled, so your sending Black Friday spam through that channel is reprehensible. How dare you! I would delete your app if I weren’t forced to use it. Idiots.

Got a parking ticket because of the app

Just got a parking ticket because when I tried to extend an existing parking session, the app said the fee would be $0.00 because no there was currently no charge to park. That was wrong. Got a ticket. This app has been tons of trouble for me the last month. I reinstalled it. Still a problem. I let my municipality know how bad the app has been. Hopefully they select another vendor on contract renewal.


acaba de estafarme, pague por una hora y solo me pusieron 25 minutos

Spam push notifications

Like many apps ParkMobile has begun sending Spam push notifications for marketing purposes in direct violation of Apple App Store guidelines. This is an unfortunate black mark on an otherwise serviceable app and useful service. I hope the developer will rethink this practice.

Constant push notification ads are annoying

I love this app to pay for parking. However, the constant push notification ads saying things like “its cold outside, pay for parking!” are getting really annoying. Normally I’d turn off notifications altogether, but that would remove some of the app’s core functionalities. When I need to park my car, I’ll use it! Reminding me of the temperature is not going to make me go out and park somewhere. If the issue persists, I might have to start saving change for parking meters again...

Annoying notifications

Have only used it for parking on a couple of occasions, and it worked well enough. The app insists on sending me notifications (basically ads for itself), which is super annoying. Looked at the settings and there is nowhere to turn those kinds of notifications off unless you disable all notifications. A parking app should keep out of your way until you need to use it. Sending obnoxious Black Friday ads is ridiculous.

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