Parkmobile App yorumlar

No refunds for Parkmobile mistakes

Company publishes false information about max vehicle height and does not refund for cases when vehicle does not fit according to false information. My mother midsize SUV (xterra) did not fit a garage advertised as SUV compatible and despite calling parkmobile about it was not given a refund and treated like an idiot. Do not use parkmobile. Tell your friends how they treat people.

Parking meter

My meter was broken and unable to take my debit card. I had to wait for my time to expire to add more time. It should be easier to add time on the app rather than waiting till your time expired because unless you write down your zine and space number you would have to walk back to your car and grab that information like I did. Very inconvenient.

Didn’t work

Signed up for an account, paid my meter location. Came back to my car 40 minutes later to find a parking ticket on my car - somehow the payment had not gone through. Not good. This app cost me a lot of money today failing to do the one thing it’s supposed to do.

No MasterCard payments

This app doesn’t let you add credit cards for payment. This app went from being a solid app to a worthless app.

Great and indispensable app

I’ve been using this app for years and couldn’t be happier. Very easy, fast, and I appreciate the reminders so I can extend the time without having to run out to the car. Even better in bad weather. Just make sure you enter the correct parking number!

bad app, worse customer service

ive been double charged on multiple occasions, promised a refund and almost a month and a half later still haven't seen a penny. only reason i use this app is because i cant carry 7 dollars in quarters to work every day

Something has gone wrong

I loved Parkmobile, but after recent update I used it to pay for parking while in Europe. It did not notify me that my parking time was ending on the last day. There was no history of my parking so that I could check to see if I would get home in time or if I needed to extend. I signed up and paid for an extra day but that session is not showing up on the app. Please go back to the original version.

Worst Customer Service

This app does not identify the issue with the broken meters! The customer service will not answer if there are any issues with the broken meter. Most broken meter will not indicate the meter is broken. At least most parking meter accepts credit card, it is much easier to make the claim. Not worth as advertised!

Don’t use app for Orpheum lot in Mpls

Tried to pay for parking in the Orpheum lot in Mpls on a Sunday night. The rate at the pay station was $9, it only took credit cards but wouldn’t process the payment. In order to make our reservation and the show we were seeing, we didn’t have time to move the car and were forced to download the app to avoid a citation. The rate in the app was $15.35. So... it cost over $6 more to use the app. Avoid any lots using the Parkmobile app.

Really bad app.

Really bad app. Does not show my parking. Take money for anything, I can pay my taxes using this app.

Find my car non functional

Wish they wouldn’t offer a feature that doesn’t work


Nice app.

Pay MORE with ParkMobile!

Looking to pay a lot more money than simply putting change into the meter? Use this app! Pay .25 cents through the meter OR pay .25 PLUS another .48 cents! Yes you heard that right, ANOTHER .48 cents for the .25 cents you were going to spend! Pay more with ParkMobile. *actual prices were used*

Incorrect map

Check the address of your reserved place with google or apple map. It might different from what you see inside this app’s map. 1 hour time wasted because of it.

Overcharge / no response

May 18 update - still waiting for refund!! lots of emails back and forth with promises and platitudes. All words - no action! DO NOT USE THIS APP!!! I was charged for 2 parking spots. Emailed them the same night. That was 4 days ago and still no response. Only after I got the app did others tell me of their horror stories of overcharging. Don’t use this app!!!

WiFi only?

This app keeps asking me to connect with network (internet). How about without WiFi?

Great Parking APP

Great parking app with fantastic features to accommodate your most important needs while parking at Hollywood Beach, FL. I appreciate how you don’t have to return to your vehicle to add more time, its easy method of payment, the text/email reminders and its user friendly nature. And if you have trouble finding your vehicle when it’s super crowded at the beach, you can activate multiple map apps to assist you in finding you car! This is what they need in NYC where “feeding the meter” is a common and very disruptive occurrence! Thank you for using smart technology to make sense of the parking situation here in Florida!


I have used Parkmobile for a long time and really enjoyed the service that it provides. Then today I paid for one hour of parking and closed the app by swiping up on the iPhone. I look at the app a while later and see my parking is more than one hour. On my email there is a receipt for 2 1/2 more hours. This was all minutes after I closed the app. Not sure what Parkmobile is doing but unimpressed and hesitant to use again if it is going to extend without me confirming anything.

Watch out before you pay!

Great app, except it’ll let you pay for parking once a zone is free in the evening and happily collect the service charge. So if it ever looks like your parking is free except the fee, read the meter! Sketchy revenue practice. Happened in Chattanooga zone 26124


Awesome service! Helped me find parking nearby


Most of these reviews have got to be fake. You can’t even reset your password without an error page. You can’t do anything without errors. Newport Beach needs a better app

Just won’t work

This app will not save my cc info. It will not find parking zones. I have entered the number of a known parking zone and it will not locate it. It also fails consistently to use “nearby zone” to locate accurate parking zone. I have not used the QR code since it was offered so maybe that works. It is very frustrating. I give up.

Not the easiest

Love the ease and convenience of being able to pay remotely with your phone and even extend your time remotely – probably one of the best perks. Disappointed that Apple Pay is not a default and that it is up to each municipality and or area to accept Apple Pay. I thought the app simply wasn’t working until I stumbled upon a list of cities that Apple Pay is accepted. It turns out only a tiny parking lot is all that takes Apple Pay in the City of St. Louis with all of their public street parking you have to use a credit card on file. Not awesome. Signage and zone numbers need to be tightened up quite a bit. I’m finding more often than not I still have to get out of the car to figure out where the hell I’m parked or what zone I’m in because you certainly can’t read the tiny little signs that are facing the wrong direction.

Fraud Alert

Watch out the company is part of a double charging scheme with 717 Parking. Consumer protection authorities in Florida have been alerted already. Added on week later: The Developer is making cruel sarcastic comments on how one should have used their feedback email, which was previously provided with evidence of the fraud, and they just filed it unanswered as case #400057 :-(

Convenient, but no customer service

A few weeks ago I used the app and my card got charged twice for the amount I had chosen for the meter. I sent an email to their customer service address - got the automated response with a ticket #, but nobody ever got back to me. I followed up 2 weeks after my initial inquiry. That was about 10 days ago, and still nothing.

I just want to add a card, not log in

I have become incredibly irritated with this app. I downloaded it for convenience and to save time when I’m running late. Instead it has become more of a hassle, as I cannot simply add a new card through the app when trying to pay (it seems it has to be done beforehand), I have to log in with Visa check out. I spent 10 minutes yesterday trying to get it done. It was absurd. I should be able to just quickly add the card in the middle of setting up a session.

Doesn’t work for gated parking

Miami Beach residents can use the app to scan tickets for gated parking and pay the resident rate. I’ve tried it three times. The first time it let me out of the garage, but didn’t end the session. After numerous phone calls, a few days later, they ended the session. The second time, it worked fine. The third time, just now, it wouldn’t scan the ticket properly. It would either take the picture and freeze or give a message that there is a problem. Because of that, I had to pay with a credit card at the exit, non resident rate. 2 fails on three tries. We are captive to it for now, until the co tract with Miami Beach comes up for renewal. They need to get this 100% reliable.

Easy and streamline!

Thank you for this!

Wrong name, but charges right..

I’ve been using Parkmobile for about six weeks and all seems to be running smoothly, except you keep sending me messages with the wrong name. I tried sending you an email but that didn’t get to a person. How can I contact a person? Geri not “Bessie”

I love this app!

One of my favorite weekly use apps!!

Terrible service.

I went to Santa Cruz, parking meters everywhere by the Boardwalk. I downloaded the app as I parked. All seemed good, time was counting down and it charged me with no problem. However, parking meter never updated and said expired!!! I called so as to speak to a rep and find out why but all they have is a very unhelpful automated phone service. I was unable to get help so I had no choice but to leave. Terrible experience.


Got a ticket! Thanks, Parkmobile! Will you pay the $20???

Rip job

They charge you a fee to use the app each time you use it over and above parking rate. It's a 40% mark up where I park which is crazy. Convenient for sure but 40%...... And if you park in one spot and need to re-up then they hit you with the fee every single time you add money.


I would really reconsider using this app unless you enjoy getting charged for parking in cities you haven’t been to while your car is parked in your garage. Asked for account to be deleted by email, of course, since you can’t speak directly to a person. Assumed my wishes had been acted upon and then received another charge from a different location. Asked for immediate actions and reimbursement and have not heard back. Disappointing!

Very helpful

Very convenient

Pay for parking in the comfort of your car

This app is great! It allows you to have all your cars logged in and ready to be selected when you go to park. While sitting in your car you type in number from parking sign then select amount of time you need and the app automatically takes money from a credit card or your PayPal account. You can set an alarm to notify you that your time is about to expire and from your phone you can extend it. It’s the best app for parking. I’ve used it all over the U.S.

No Customer Service Available (Still!)

Writing another (updated review). I have been trying to reach someone, anyone, to help me unlock my account. It has been over two weeks. I’ve sent multiple emails to multiple “help”, “feedback” and “support” emails. I left a review (over a week from writing this review) on the App Store, which your team responded to with “contact us” - which I did - and still haven’t heard a thing... What is going on? Please have someone contact me to help. This is literally the worse app experience and customer service I’ve ever encountered! How is someone supposed to unlock an account if you don’t check/respond to emails? Followed instructions. Made multiple attempts. Awful.

Crashes often and i got 2 tickets

This app is cluttered and crashes often. The result - two parking tickets when I thought I paid and it didn’t register. Garbage.

App kept glitching out, otherwise pretty neat

Bit frustrating app, kept saying I wasn’t logged it then switched to a running meter I had then when I tried to open other areas of the app it would say I wasn’t logged in again. Also would have been cool to have a section where it tells you the rules and regulations of using a meter for new users (such as myself) otherwise it was a handy tool to use at the last minute! Also the email updates are very helpful and informative. Wish I could have given 4-5 stars, but the app was just very frustrating.

No point in buying

For example, we paid the meter we were located at for two hours. Shortly later we downloaded the app just to find out the additional hours we pay to the app, will not be shown on the meter. Meaning if a parking meter found us, and saw time was empty on the meter we would get a ticket. So we basically paid this app to still risk a ticket.

Soooo easy

I don’t carry around a bunch of quarters... so thank you :)


I love it!! No need to keep running back to meter to add money

Great app!

We used this app all winter. It’s really great to sit in your warm car and fire up the app to pay for parking. I’ve had no problems with parking tickets or with paying when I didn’t need to.

Use ap all the time

Very convenient. Love that you don’t have to waste time paying at the meter especially on a cold or rainy day. My only suggestion.... It would be very helpful to post each meter number up high (and big enough to read) above the tops of cars and trucks so people can see the meter number from their car to make sure they are selecting the right meter. In pittsburgh there is only a sticker on the meter and you can’t see that if there are other cars parked in the way.


Crashes too much at time of payment. And please add Apple Pay support

Terrible execution

Need push notifications not emails. You cost us more money when we are ticketed when the app conveniently sends email notifications late. Also need longer parking options than 2 hours at a time in our downtown area in Chattanooga. It is very inconvenient for staff and business owners or people that live downtown.


Works easily and reliably and I love that the money goes to the parks

Convenience at its best!

I’m enjoying this app very much. No more coins, it’s easy to use, the app sends me reminders on how much time I have left on the meter, I can choose how long I want to park for, and I also have the option to extend the parking time. And as a bonus, I can add other vehicles. For all these reasons, I say ‘convenience at its best’, and I’ve rated it five stars.

Received Parking Ticket

I used once. Seemed easy enough. Except the part where I got a parking ticket even though I used the app perfectly. Parking ticket was repealed when I sent the police department the receipt for the parking I had paid for on the app.


This is very handy when Parking downtown. I love that you let me k ow when time is. soon to expire and I can add more from my phone

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