Parkmobile App yorumlar

BMW Connected doesn’t work

Excited to try the new BMW Connected Drive integration, but the app crashes upon agreeing to account permissions.

Crashes when I try to connect to BMW app

I updated to take advantage of new feature allowing user to connect to BMW Connected Drive app. I've tried to connect on the app on my Iphone and my Ipad. Both crash when I try to connect.

Can’t switch cars

Big issue. App allows you to add all your cars. One is the preferred car. If you forget to switch cars when parking you can’t once you pay. That’s bs. Must happen all the time. U should get at least 5 minutes to allow you to switch cars.

Told me no empty spots in entire city

There were many spots open downtown but everyone I put in app was supposedly not available. So I did a parking search and according to app, there was not one single spot available in entire city. What a crappy app, wasted 10 minutes downloading and signing up. Delete!

Doesn't return Parkmobile lots when searching for reserved parking, but full site does

Went to an event in Tampa at the Straz Center which uses Parkmobile for prepaid event parking. I tried to use the app a few times entering the address of the venue, "Tampa, fL", and address of the parking lots/garages they work with Parkmobile. Never returned any reserved parking locations. When I went to the full website, I had no problem purchasing reserved parking at a Parkmobile lot at the Rivergate Parking facility.

Saves time

Makes parking so easy, have used it in a number of different cities and towns

Doesn’t sync with the meters

After I paid at the meter, I downloaded the App Store I can extend the time if needed.However it has no way to find the parked car and extend the time , I had to go and do it at the meter again

Just a few suggestions

First of all, as a college student, I love this app. It’s really helped me out because I have classes and studios that last more than 2 hours and running out to fill the meter is a bit ridiculous. My one complaint about this app is that I don’t get notified about half the time that my meter has expired. With the way my school parking is, if I go more than 15 minutes without paying I have a very high chance of getting a ticket. I think it would be a great addition to the Parkmobile app if there was a feature to let you know once you’ve gotten a citation so you don’t keep paying all day long when you’ve already been ticketed. Or, come up with a way to have an all day parking choice so everyone doesn’t have to keep their phone on them at all times. Thanks!


This app deletes your password when it updates, and as we all know, it is a hassle to remember a stupid parking app’s password, so get ready for a ride resetting your password. The reset email takes 15 minutes or more to arrive and by then you may be cited for bad parking. But none of this review matters because this is a forced app that you have to get if you want to park, and it isn’t like you have a choice of apps when parking.

3x meter cost

So recently the app changed. The cost for parking has doubled. Now the app charges 3x what it costs to put change in the meter. Also there was no warning. I almost paid $4.50 to park for 2hrs. I spoke with Parkmobile USA on Twitter, and they refused to help me! So this app is useless now. Save your money - pay at the meters.

No Sound in Notifications!!!

No Sound in Notifications!!!

Without a doubt the best app ever to avoid getting a parking ticket!

No coins and just go! Thanks for saving me $$$$’s!

QR Code Did Not Work

Showed up at the parking lot and the QR code would not work so I was forced to pay again at the lot. Tried sending an email to only possible contact I could find but after a week I have not received a response. Horrible customer service!!

No parking allowed

The app shows “No parking allowed“ while it’s allowed. I contacted them but I got no reply neither correction for more than a week.

Beware - Notifications don’t always work!!

I’ve used this app regularly and it’s nice and convenient, but I rely heavily on the notifications -and several times now lately the notifications that I have always had set, didn’t work and as a result I got $25 parking tickets! Not fun when I’ve already paid $12 for my parking period and a just barely missing the expiration time. If you use this app I’d recommend using a back up timing notification. I’ve learned my lesson, do not depend on this app for that feature.

Parking ticket while using. Worthless time saver

Used twice and record even though had over an hour left on meter. Worthless if I have to take time outside to use. Easier to simply set a timer. Do not use to save time

Park Mobile

Cool app, that assist without reaching in my pocket and it is safer...

Great experience

Worth it


So convenient. Simple to set up. Love the reminder feature


Customer service is unresponsive. The app routinely crashes or fails to operate correctly. This is a good idea, and they have failed every step of the way.

Needs a “Stop” function

I like this app for the most part, but I have multiple cars registered and accidentally picked the wrong vehicle. There was no way to stop the meter and I couldn’t change the car to be metered. I had to pay at the meter to avoid a ticket so I paid twice for parking. I was not happy about that! This is a flaw that needs correction.

Great app!!

Makes parking so much more efficient when you are in a hurry! I can run away from my car while also paying for parking! The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t change which car you’ve parked after confirming everything. I accidentally hit confirm and the was unable to change cars and ran the risk of getting a ticket despite having paid for my spot! Otherwise, I love it!!!


East to use

Vehicles get STUCK in “parking action”

HORRIBLE customer service! Legitimately unfashionable. Opened tickets get marked as solved without comment or resolution. The Facebook Messenger staff pull the same stunt, asking for an issue number and then vanishing without a trace. I have two cars stuck in a non-existent “parking action” and now neither car can be edited. None of the staff know how to fix this issue. Unbelievable.

Double Billed

VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE - Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating is “F”. That’s as low as you can go. First time user - pop up box covered the “time will not show on meter”. Figured that out after I double paid. No support. No response to email. Called them and auto message refers you back to app. I had to protest charge through credit card company and file BBB complaint. (Pending) One would think the app would be smart enough to know the same car can’t be parked two places in the same location at the exact same time - one would be wrong. I get it - providing support is expensive - but so is losing customers. Color me gone.


Makes parking in a rush a breeze

Bug fix please

If a Parkmobile patron makes a wrong entry perhaps the parking space number there is no way to edit the entry. I entered the zone twice by mistake and could not correct it.

Annoying log outs cause tickets

I got a ticket while trying to log back in, and the fingerprint ID failed. No reason for the app to log people out. Very annoying.

Love it!

Quick and easy to use. Great!

Its great

I love it and it’s convenient

It’s great until you get a ticket

I’ve used the Parkmobile App for quite some time and it’s hard to argue with the convenience. Then I got a parking ticket. We parked from 7:07 pm to 8:37 pm, specifying the correct lot and even the numbered spot. Then we found the ticket on the car from 7:50 pm. Absolutely nothing is out of order — it just DIDN’T WORK. IF YOU DON’T WANT PARKING TICKETS, DON’T USE THIS APP IN ROYAL OAK, MI.

Overbook, overcharge, and Ticket like crazy!

They sell more spaces than they have, so you often have to park in an area not striped, but still a safe parking space. I’ve been fined upwards of $60 for doing so, when it was their fault for selling too many spaces. It is also outrageously overpriced, and you can’t pay for 2-9 hours. It’s 1, or 10. You also can’t extend your time, so if you’re going to be more than an hour, just buy 10. If you decide to buy 10 hours after buying 1, you’re just wasting money.

The app crashed and I got a ticket

The app stop working and I had to login back again, when to check if the meter was working and it’s was NOT. It is very inconvenient to find a parking ticket in your car, and also have to pay for the parking fee. There is no refunds for this types of mistakes.

Keep me logged in/face recognition

Ive used this for several years in Santa Cruz, Ca now and have liked it for the most part. I have been burned by the meter too many times and 35 cents is worth it to avoid a parking ticket. However, when they updated to a new version a year or two ago, the app doesn’t seem to save my login info for very long (I only use it every month or two). I have to look up my password every time I park and by that time I could have made change at the change machine. I’ve marked the fingerprint and face recognition in both my phones but it doesn’t ever work either. Just a bit time consuming when you’re trying to be on time for an appointment, etc.

Hope there’s an option for changing the car after the transaction

I accidentally chose the wrong car and the app wouldn’t let me change it once I paid... it was only about 1 buck but I don’t wanna imagine if i put more than 5 bucks... I’m upset

Good parking

Works intuitively and gets improved periodically.

Very helpful

Very convenient

Parking Meters Only!

I originally downloaded this app for using with parking meters in DC, and for that purpose ParkingMobile seemed reputable enough. I then made the mistake of trusting them for booking a space in a parking garage. I booked the space and was charged, but when I arrived at the garage, I was told that it was full and that the ParkMobile “reservation” was meaningless and would not be honored. When I called ParkMobile to complain, I was told that I would get a refund of the charge, since I was denied access, but apparently it was just a way to get me off the phone b/c I never, ever received a refund, even after a follow up call. So I ended up paying twice to park. Once to ParkMobile for a bogus “reservation”, and another to a garage which actually gave me what I paid for, namely, a place to park. And in the future I will give my business to ParkMobiles competitors, who seem as though they can handle this type of stuff.

Buyer beware

I would give it zero if I could. I used the ap in Philadelphia and the stated cost on the meter was 3 dollar per hour. The ap allowed me to extend my session twice. At no time did it warn me or inform me that in the event I extended the time it would be at an exorbitant tiered rate. I reached out to them and they blamed it on the parking authority. You would think their programmers would be able to write a program to inform their users. See there response below: “ I appreciate your taking the time to inquire about the tiered pricing for parking in Philly with the Meter Up program. The parking authority has chosen to change the way pricing is calculated in the Parkmobile system. They are offering increased maximums when the parking session is extended, and these zones have a progressive rate in place. What this means is the hourly rate of the session will increase as the amount of hours you choose increases. An example of the rate structure is listed below: Zone 919126 2 hours $3.00 per hour extend for 2 additional hours $6.00 per hour extend for 2 additional hours $12.00 per hour In this way, the system will allow a total of 6 hours of parking.”

Very convenient!

A very easy and convenient app for parking.


It's really convenient not having to run at meter every two hours to add more money , it reminds you minutes before when time is about to expire so you have enough time to add more money. I think is great

This app got me a parking ticket

This app won’t sink with the parking meters didn’t notify of ending session now I have to pay a parking ticket very poor app.

Convenience when meter doesn’t work

hope my car doesn’t get towed because this is the first time I’ve used this app.


I use it all the time. Especially since I never have change on my person. Really neat.

Well ...

I’ve been using this app for awhile now because I suppose paying .35 cents for use of the app is better than paying a $35+ parking ticket if the meter is broken. However .35 cents more for each time extension seems a bit much. And it would appear that this is the only service available for parking .... hmmm ... interesting .... But beyond the fee issue, there was a time this app seemed easier to navigate. Sometimes it seems I cant locate favorites quickly and there are several steps you must do to confirm you are actually setting up your parking time. A couple of times I thought I was done to look back later and realize the app “meter” wasn't running because I missed the last screen for confirmation. Again I suppose better than a parking ticket but it would be nice if municipalities fixed their meters regularly. Don’t hate this app and service just a bit frustrated with the two matter above.

App quits

Every time I try to set the duration the app quits.tried it multiple times. Hope I don’t get a ticket. 🤬


Signed up online to this service and can’t log in on the mobile app. Repeatedly tried via laptop and it works. App? Not!! Also, they will often times let you into certain parking garages that have a scanner, but won’t authorize to let you out. Then, you can’t get ahold of anyone worth talking to. Pathetic app


I was issued a citation and didn't receive either the citation or appeal documents until it was too late to appeal. It cost me $145. Plus the $2.35 I paid via the app. Take my advice: Just feed the meter.

Can’t use Apple Pay

There is an option for Apple Pay in payment method but when I want to use Apple Pay to pay for my parking, it only gives me an option to use my credit card.

You cannot actually use Apple Pay.

This said that I have the option to pay with Apple Pay. I did not, so I was late for my class. I will be deleting this app and sticking to public transportation. At least that’s more reliable.

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