Parkmobile App yorumlar

Payment method ridiculous

Had an existing account with approved payment method. Now my payment method was no longer excepted and had to sign up for master pass which I really didn’t want to do.

The best

Excellent app. Very convenient for those who often have to pay parking meters

How many more emails?

Every time you pay for more time you get like 4 emails. Other than that it’s a awesome way to pay for parking. STOP EMAILING!!!!

Why do I have to keep logging in?

Bloody annoying....

Too many steps, lots of chances for error

This whole app should be one single page-but instead it’s a total UI mess. And overly complex confirmation process means that more than once it’s cost me a ticket. So any app that, through its own bad design has cost me about $80? Yeah. That’s a one star review.

Can’t even create a login

Worst setup experience ever! The “create login” screen does not allow me to fill in all the fields! The keyboard covers the fields and you can’t use return to go from field to field. Thus, I cannot complete the setup process! As far as I can tell, there’s no way to do the setup from a computer, either. And while you’re fixing the setup process, allow the hook to 1Password, like civilized apps do.

Awsome App

Very Intuitive easy to use and navigate. Simplistic format and layout. Adds ease and convenience to the hectic task of Pay-To-Park.

Parking app

Easy to use even a moron can you use it


What happened to Amex?


Too much credit card up selling. PLEASE keep it simple. Minimize the clicks needed to park and walk away. Thanks. Please. !!!!!!!!


After entering a parking zone and space number, the app tells me it can't find a space with that number in another zone and won't let me go further. Waste of time!

A ticket and no customer service

Stay away from this app and the company. I used the app to prepay for parking and when I came back within the time I paid for - the meter was red and there was a ticket. The company did not respond to emails.

Full day only

It’s ridiculous that I have the pay for a full day to park here with this stupid app. I need this spot for 15 minutes. With the old box I could pay by the minute. If I could rate this as 0 stars I would.

Got a ticket

I got a ticket they said I didnt pay

Waste of time

Took me 10 minutes just to get everything registered. Waste of time. If you want my money then make it easy to take. Scan everything.


Gave me 3 less minutes than I paid for... also not necessarily any quicker than just using a card...




Para mi que tengo mala memoria , me resulta muy conveniente. Aparte si no tienes cash ni la tarjeta no tendrás problema para el pago

Not easy to use

You have to keep bouncing back-and-forth between different screens, going back, etc. in order to do a parking session. Not a good user experience. But gets the job done at least.


Muy cómodo y económico

Parking App

Convenient as F@%#!!!

Bugs and parking tickets

Your app has bugs I’ve gotten 3 tickets on days I paid

Always asking me to sign in

I had the go mobile pgh app for several years and recently deleted it because of constant error messages this app was working fine and now it’s always asking me to sign in. It’s pouring rain and I’m not spending time to sign in to the app. Back to using credit cards to pay for parking.

The easiest way to pay for parking

What a great idea!! So convenient especially to seniors.

Extra charges

Charged my debit card twice for the same parking session multiple times.

It’s ok. Can be improved.

It’s easier than having to come up with quarters every time I want to park. Would like the ability to just pay for the time I use, no more and no less. I’m sure you can make it happen! It would really make the app better.


Cumbersome & inefficient, QR codes are useless, lots of back back & forth & forth. Adding a license plate number seems unnecessary when you cld just scan QR code or enter meter number


Love the app


I love this app. I don’t know why my friends are so resistant to download it. Sometimes I’m in such a hurry I just type the code in to my phone and boom I’m paid for. I also love when I’m running late that I can extend my time. I’m kind of all over the place as a person so the app is very useful for me

The parking location

When you park your car, the location of zone parking is never correct :( You always have to do a search

Parking change

The whole parking thing in rice village is a scam. Just another way to tax America. Now we are adding a parking space number. Thought the whole reason to add out vehicle make model license would suffice. Shows how ridiculous Mgmt is on their company.

Had to re-enter credit cards

On the side of the road. Took a good 5 minutes. When you don’t have 5 minutes. There has to be a better way.


Revolutionary. The real deal. No more quarters. No more hassle. MORE TIME FOR FUN

Convenient & Easy

Makes parking anywhere so easy. I used to have to fumble for change, but now I simply use this phone app to park. It’s been a lifesaver on many occasions.

Terrible update

It used to be so easy to use. Now all updates are terrible. It’s inconvenient and takes forever to get my information in and overall a very very bad experience using this app. Bring back the old version and I’ll consider using it again

Very convenient!

This is a great service once you figure out how to use it. It’s relatively simple. Just a slight learning curve...on my part. Everyone who parks at a meter should try it!

Too many sections

In a four block radius there are too many zone numbers and it causes confusion.

Payment integrations fail

Both Apple Pay and visa checkout failed on multiple attempts. I would give this app the benefit of the doubt if one failed, but with both failing it sure seems like a bad integration or maybe a failure to keep up with new API versions

Good but needs to be better

Parkmobile is convenient, but if you make a mistake there is no way to get your money back. That said, their software once malfunctioned and they refunded my money for that. If you have multiple cars, You have to be very careful: it’s easy to put money on the wrong car, and you will get a ticket. That should be made clearer in the app. I was once ticketed in a rainstorm while sitting in the car trying to get the app to load. I fought the ticket but didn’t win. Another time it didn’t load quickly enough and I was ticketed while walking away from the car. Use this app carefully or you will pay plenty extra for the convenience.

App forgets vehicle information

What should be a couple clicks often turns into 5 minutes of inputs.

Password resets randomly

You have reset my password at random times, and it puts me in a bind when I’m in a hurry to move in park! Quit doing this!

App not working properly

I really like this app, but recently it has not been working properly, requiring me to add a payment method before I can pay for parking—but I am out of payment methods to add. This has required me to phone in the parking rather than use the app. That works, but is slightly less convenient then being able to park using the app. Please fix!!


It’s so easy. To fall in love.

Great service

Very convenient!

Too often wrong.

The app too often has parking limit info different from the sign at the space. Get it right or get out.

This software is terrible.

This software keeps ruining the parking experience for me; not only that, but when I have had questions, they are never answered, despite many attempts.

Charges more for parking

Convenience fees.

ParkMobile SMART

The app doesn’t work well. It is unreliable and gives vague errors like “we’re sorry something went wrong.” It’s an extremely serious problem considering people need to pay to park their car or risk a ticket. Additionally, the more the app fails (taking over 15 minutes to complete a transaction without error - and often times not finishing the transaction) the more commuter miss their connections. An extremely frustrating and unreliable app inky exacerbated by the factthat where it is used, no pay terminals can be found as alternatives to it when it doesn’t work, which is often.


After an update somehow Apple Pay became my default payment, which this doesn’t accept. So it totally broke the user flow when trying to simply park, not letting me pick the day range nor vehicle until numerous screens in. After re-entering my Visa and checking the vehicles on file I had to debug changing my default payment by dragging to the top. Then and only then, was I able to setup and pay their “service fee” plus the parking rate. Horrible UX, would give 0 stars if I could. Going back to paying cash to save the time, hassle, and extra expense.

Only for US apple store...

...which is a complete nightmare if you try to do an „fake“ account as a tourist in us to easily park the rental car. Second... which isnt really related ro the app, bit trying to change credit card setting if you are not in your home country ends in an desaster!! 5 star for the functionality 2 stars for the regional restriction

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