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Few minutes

Thought this app downloaded quick. Found where I was. Was able to easily add a payment through my phone. Less then five minutes.

Fix needed

Make a confirmation button when we have more than 1 car loaded. 😫

So great to be able to park without hassle

The machines in Ithaca, NY take forever to process parking. With this app, I just do my payment without slowing down at all!



Bad Company

Tech companies generally have lousy customer service because everything is email. This company sends you an automatic email reply and then never responds or follows-up. Also, they will upgrade your app without your permission, this allows them to “steal” money from your account with impunity. If possible, I will never use this developer’s apps in the future because of their lack of communication and unethical illegal business practices.

No-help Desk

Update 9/18: in response to ParkMobiles apology and offer to assist via email, I sent my third email support request on 11 August (previous emails on and 21 and 29 June) and not one email has been responded to. Stop acting like you have customer service when you clearly don’t. Bottom line: good app, convenient, but you’ll never ever get a refund should anything not work perfectly! And no one from “customer support” will ever respond to your emails. ====== The app is good and does what is says, but customer support is non-existent. The app warns that the service is merely a financial transaction tool between municipalities and the meter so the app developer will NOT process refunds. However the app offers an opportunity to forward your comments to the city to request a refund. I received an automated email once the ticket was opened, then nothing. I’ve sent follow up emails and not even an acknowledgment, nothing. The original email says it was from the park mobile helpdesk, but I’m pretty certain one doesn’t even exist. Why offer to facilitate communication with the municipality if you’re not going to do it in the first place and then not even get back to the customer with any update(s) much less an actual resolution. It’s been over a month and nothing.

35 cents

Why does it cost extra 35 cents to park with app.

App won’t upload payment.

Received ticket on September 14 because app all of a sudden would not except bank card...

Barely Decent app

Usually has problems daily, I have had my vehicles saved for almost a year and it suddenly forgets my info and all vehicle info.. no reason for it.

Charged extra?

So for one hour I was charged 4, and to get an additional hour I was charged 6, so $10 for 2 hours? When I could’ve paid cash and only $6 for two hours. I’m not sure if this is the way they work but it’s not worth it.

Do not install!

They double charged my card and the app is lacking some serious features. Sometimes, it wont even show the parking price, first you have to select the card to pay. Thats non sense. I parked in newport beach. Max was 6 hours for 12$, i chose 4 hours for 8 dollars. When I extended on the app for two extra hours to reach 6 hours, they charged me an extra 12$+8$. I tried to call them but there is no number and the app clearly said they cant do anything about the money. Called my bank to dispute the charge and they refunded me right away thankfully. Will never use it again!! Uninstalled!!

Didn’t work!!!

Used this for the first time in Royal Oak, MI. Used the app, out money on the meter and it never went to the meter. Hence, I had to go out COIN in to get me through my time. Huge inconvenience, I wouldn’t recommend this app. It’s really too bad, genius idea.

Problems knowing zone

This app is very useful. Except -- as in an increasing number of DC locations -- where there are no signs identifying the zone and the app can't seem to ID the zone either. I don't know if the lack of signs is the responsibility of the DC gov or ParkMobile but it is annoying nonetheless.

At Ease

This app is my favorite of all apps and the one most useful in day-to-day life. It is particularly helpful in bad weather by saving you a trip back to drop coins in an expiring meter. It allows you to enjoy your event without interruption and is incredibly intuitive. Would not go anywhere without it.

Too expensive

Too expensive, it charges you to use the app. Not really sure if it’s any more worth the money.

Make it easy

To many steps and had to setup car and payment after updating the app. Someone should test this in the field

Useless app now

This app used to be great. Unfortunately it doesn’t work anymore. I have three credit cards saved to my account but when I try to park it will only let me select PayPal or masterpass. I set up master pass but it makes me login every time and I don’t use this app enough to justify maintaining another account just to use it. I just want to click on one of my credit card and pay, that’s all.

Better to just pay with cash or credit card if available

I tried to be nice and pay for parking for our group with my park mobile app for our group. Instead our driver got a $40 ticket because my app was linked to my car, so despite the meter being fully paid you can still get a ticket. That doesn’t happen with cash or credit card.


Very easy to use.

Dumb app

It’s a stupid app that take to long to set up. I want to pull in to park a pay, not download an app and have to take an extra 15mins to download and set up.

App Canceled My Parking Spot

Make sure you take a screenshot of your confirmation that your spot is paid for. I paid for a spot through the app and it ended up canceling my spot without even notifying me. Ended up getting a ticket. Tried calling the app to see what went wrong and they said they had no record of the purchase. Apparently they never even attempted to charge my paypal and just voided the transaction without telling me. Kind of messed up but now I know going forward to take a screenshot cause it definitely said I had a spot and started my timer and everything. Really enjoyed the app until that experience.

Easy, Quick, and Convenient

I travel for a living and have used ParkMobile all over the country. It has never failed me. I especially like the more recent feature where the app figures out the location zones nearest me. I don’t even have to input any numbers anymore! Keep up the great work, ParkMobile!

It’s stupid to pay more than just paying

There’s a fee on top of regular parking. Not worth it.

The price of convenience?

App is pretty easy to set up and fairly reliable (there have been a few times that the app wouldn't process my parking and I was already on the train). The reminders are good to have if you need them - I pay a daily rate so no expirations. If you need to map where you left your car maybe you shouldn't be using technology! My two main complaints are the 7% usage fee (For me that's the equivalent of almost two weeks worth of parking) and the bug that keeps ignoring (they’re shown but can’t be used) my previously entered payment methods. Tech support keeps telling me the issue’s been resolved but that’s not the case.

Got overcharged for a zone

I got overcharged for a zone. Literally no help received from the customer service and it's been more than a month. Totally useless!

Very poor technology

I used this app every day for several weeks however, starting two weeks ago, I have been unable to make payments. The Payment screen reverts me back to ‘Update Payment Methods’ and only offers visa checkout or masterpass as an option, which I don’t have and don’t want to have. I can only pay through the full site, so the app is completely useless. Moreover, I have called several times and submitted support requests through the app but when I call, the ‘service’ reps tell me that nothing wrong, and nobody has responded to my support ticket/request. Very very poor functionality. I have used Passport parking and I much prefer that app.

Can I travel?

Excited to see when I can use this in other cities.

Update was required, but no indication given

Great app, but guys, if I need to update the app for it to not keep making errors...GIVE ME A WARNING!


Takes too long to log in and start an account at first. Just irritating that’s all.

Demasiado pasos para agregar una targeta

Deberían de actualizar esta aplicación


could be easier to navigate for computer challenged.

Payment Types

Payment types keep changing. Why can I not pay with my regular visa. Should not be this complicated to go to the beach.

Don’t use - completely unreliable - you will get towed

I paid for parking with my credit card. Don’t use - I have proof all parking was paid for and got towed anyway. Showed towing company credit charges but they just shrugged. Don’t trust this app. Got screwed out of parking money and had to pay towing anyway.


This app will charge your credit card and NOT pay the parking fee for the lot you park in. They ask you to “verify your vehicle” without giving you a way to do so in the app. Here’s my suggestion: don’t use this app, just pay in person where you’re parking.

Rip off

Complete rip off Uber is better

Useless costly app 🤦🏻‍♀️

Well, after inserting my credit card twice at the machine and not going through, I had to use the app and it still didn't go through. I see the attendant issue me a parking ticket. I'm going to have to find street parking if it kills me

Missing features

Glaring flaws: Doesn’t show the clock time your meter. This can be easily synchronized with the clock inside your cell phone, but developers aren’t up to coding for that. Also, municipalities using Parkmobile don’t give grace periods for this app, even though cell connection can be glitchy and you’re paying a premium to use the app. Lastly, and this one is a no-brainer, app badges don’t clear when a parking session ends— you have to open and close the app to clear expired badges. Developers are phoning it in on this app.


Having to make an account is annoying when you just want to pay to park

Easy meter monitoring

I’ve used the app four times and I’m impressed. While others waited in line at the pay stations I pulled out my phone and paid while I was on my way to my appointment. Quick and painless. The reminder that the meter is expiring might be my favorite feature. Assuming I don’t have the glitches others have reported, this app is a huge leap in parking. Update: as i’ve continued to use the app, more glitches appear: forgets my profile, allows me to go through with processing, and just before payment it tells me that I need to add a vehicle. I have to cancel everything, go back to add a vehicle – but there are three vehicles already on my account! Numerous other such glitches have occurred (like telling me I needed to add a payment method – but there already two credit cards, and Apple Pay, on the account), making me spend time to redo the entire payment process. This app has potential, but not ready for prime time. And since it’s been in use for so long, there’s no excuse.

Over Charge

I didn’t like the app because the minimum time I could select was one hour and I was parking in a spot with a time limit of 30 minutes.

Convenient ripoff

This is an easy to use application that is forced upon you by the cities and government switch participate in their program I’m giving it one star because they’re basically extorting users to pay for something that should be free

System errors

Sometimes the app says the payment didn’t process so you submit the payment again and after a few minutes it accepts all the payments and you’ve then paid 3 times for one spot.

12 hour parking?

Can I not pay for one or two hours? Forced to purchase 12?


Great app

Can be better

It doesn’t take Apple Pay. Too many details to pay. It’s 2018 things can be easier

Stupid app

This app is ridiculously stupid. Also, why does it ask for parking space number when there is no number?!

Used to be great!

I loved this app and used it all summer to park near my office. However, I parked in a different zone one time about two weeks ago and was ticketed in error, the parking manager has not responded to my evidence to the contrary, and since then I am unable to park in my regular lot using this app because “parking is not allowed at this time”, regardless of the time or day I try, leading me to believe I’ve now been blackballed? I don’t know, seems like a waste to me now since I have to pay for parking with my card at the kiosk ever since.

Just ok

Works ok, a little non-intuitive, needs to support more than 5 vehicles in a standard, non-commercial account.

Good convenient parking app

Great app but sometimes needs a reset

Forgets account and can’t figure nd meters

For the past couple of months it keeps failing to remember my account or recognize my password. It also won’t find parking zone numbers placed on meters. Says they don’t exist. Please fix this for Washington DC.

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