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Not for me

I can’t pay at the same parking lot cause it says zone doesn’t let me to park back to back even later half an hour! I used this app to not go out every time to put more coins. Not gonna use it.

Beware: You may get ticketed with no recourse

Just to let you know I was ticketed well using the app. Everything seem to work fine but the city of Santa Cruz, California give me a ticket anyhow. I am fighting it but I’m frustrated because there does not seem to be a way to contact this company directly. I suppose if they didn’t charge a transaction fee it would be a slightly different story. Anyhow just beware.

They Don’t Check Support Tickets...

I’ve been locked out of my account for more than a week. I followed instructions from the app to email their help desk. Got a confirmation it was received. Never heard back after. Pretty disappointing. This company needs to invest in customer support.

They left me with out a car or phone call

Follow up: After some back and forth emails with a representative, it still seems we have no conclusion in sight. The apps has done the following: -Changed my license plate -Deleted a car -Withdrew money when it says my card has expired -Ran my card even though they said it was expired -Reset its self and turned off my contracted timed to park. This is a short list of the things that have happened. I was supposed to receive a call last week from someone and have yet to hear anything in regards to the situation or conclusion. Bottom line is still out a lot of money because of the App. I am still waiting to hear back from ParkMobile in regards to this issue. I would be very cautious of using this app. Original: While visiting another state in a rental car I used this app. I came back to find my car was towed. As I am now out of state and out of a car, I talk to the person running the lot, he says “I see your car on the list it should be here, I have no clue why they towed it.” I find it in the tow yard not to later. I call ParkMobile and get a run around after some transfers later I am told “my credit card was expired.” I do see they were able to pull out $20 three times, this is proof that they did get there payment. I took a screen shot of my account and the timer and offered to email it to the manager and he has no work email to receive any proof. He told me they would expedite my call and call me back the next day. It has been 6 days now and no call. Very long story short I am out $250 and my payment to the app and no calls returned. I urge you not to use this app if at all possible.

Worst customer service

App is great when it works. Otherwise you are left with no way to park. They have no phone number and don’t respond to their own “contact us” emails.

Extended Parking

Sometimes when it’s time to extend, there is slow buffering and causes you to lose your parking space; however the luxury of having this back in the city is a great thing and needs to remain....

App Malfunctiond

This app is unreliable and logs me out when I am ready to purchase and this time it resulted in a ticket! I have had enough with this malfunctioning app. Don’t use it! It’s a waste of your time.

Best idea ever

But you all got to let people know about it bc I walk for like 30 mins trying to find coins and then finally someone told me about the app

Garbage parking app with no support

Can’t log on. Can’t reset password. Support is no help.

Happy Customer

Love this tool! Hate fishing for change or worrying about running out of time. This app has saved me time and money on numerous occasions. LOVE it!

I love Parkmobile!

I am so happy to pay 13 cents for the convenience. So convenient!

Works great

Works great

Update not working well

I recently updated the app and I usually don’t but I was just annoyed with having to see the App Store filled with so many updates. Now the app doesn’t want to allow me to use it. This is ridiculous


Very convenient hassle free. Recommend to anyone who visit the city often.

I was ticketed!

The lot had a sign saying it was open for parking. The machine in the lot said pay here or use this app. I downloaded the app and paid. I came back out to a $30.00 ticket on my windshield. I have emailed the address on my receipt. It just happened so I don’t know the outcome. Hopefully it will be good so I can change this review! Update: Parkmobile was very responsive. They contacted me immediately backing their product if my appeal failed. In the end, I sort of won my appeal. Why sort of? I was told the app updates slowly so the tickets happen sometimes so they would waive the ticket and give me a warning. Being I was not at fault, I am not impressed that I have a warning. So, I am raising my rating due to Parkmobile’s customer service but am unable to give it a strong review because, at least in my city, this app arrangement isn’t working well.

I love it

I need this everywhere!!!!

Watch support

Please add the watch support.

Convenient and easy to use!

Convenient and easy to use!

Zone 8902 in michigan not working

I got the app two days ago and it worked great! Then yesterday I tried to use it in the same area same street same zone even the same parking spot and it wouldn’t let me use it, not in any of the parking spaces in Mount Clemens Michigan zone 8902. Help?!

Love the convenience!

Parkmobile is wonderful! I love the convenience of using my phone and not having to have change. I wish more communities had it!

Used to be great

Doesn’t work anymore. The app just spins and spins, then double charges you or not at all. I tried to park and looked everything went through, but it didn’t. $45 parking ticket on one instance and another I was double charged. After weeks of leaving tickets, emails and messages with no response I had to disputed with my credit card. Back to quarters I go.

So far so good

I hate to pay for parking because I’m an entitled rich white man, but if I’m going to have to endure the injustice of not just doing what I want when I want where I want, I can at least purchase the minimum park time while I sit here waiting for my daughter to get her stitches out and get notified when I run out of time so I can run down and put more money in the oh wait I’m getting a notification now that I’m running low on time I gotta go whaaaat I don’t gotta go I just click on extend my time while I sit here on my comfy bottom writing reviews for all my favorite apps and complaining about the barbarity if having to pay for parking why can’t They send servants to my house who could just carry me overhead while someone feeds me grapes. If I can’t live in that reality, I’ll at least pay for my parking virtually without interacting with people or parking meters oh no I think the receptionist wants to say something look away look away she said my name I gotta go now.

It is good until it is not

I must use the app because the city of Miami Beach has a deal with the company and this is only way to use my permit (discount for registered residents). The problem is when you try to use it. It may be spinning for 10min and crash. It will not find your registered credit cards or vehicles. It may tell you that you cannot park in the zone even though there is no signs on the streets and you can pay for the parking in the meter (4x the price). It may log you out, and you will have to remind yourself user name and password or go through pw recovery. Very poor programming and/or system maintenance. To bad they have monopoly per city they are being used. I would hope Miami Beach used the same system that is used by city of Miami.

Awful app and help is unreachable.

I am going to have to delete the useless app because my bank card was stopped due to fraud, and I cannot enter my new number. No help available and not user friendly. Went into every conceivable help category and received no information that worked. It said I can change the card by tapping on the old one and reenter. Well that isn’t true. I spend 10 minutes trying to park before I got down on the floor of my car doing the search for coins. Then I went to my communities parking to complain about their app and they won’t take complaints - I have to contact an uncontactable company. So this company has total control of parking in my community and they have no way of being held accountable for how miserably their app works. I sat down at home and have been working on this for 1/2 an hour already without resolution in changing my payment. This is a junk poorly supported app and I have no choice but to erase it. What a crock and what bs. I am going to write a letter to my council members to let them know that this app is not workable and the parking office doesn’t want to hear it. Communities need to hold these companies accountable when they have dedicated their technology to this monopoly. Idiocy and incompetence.


This is the absolute worst app I’ve ever used. I literally spent 20 minutes trying to get it to work. The worst. Deleted.

Love it

Works as it should and simplifies my expenses


I bring a roll of quarters before I use it again. F U

What is wrong with this app

If I could give it zero stars I would. I am literally looking at a Parkmobile sign that says I am in zone 5601, but when I try to enter that zone on the app, it says “no matching zones found.” What a piece of garbage. You all should be fired.

Be careful zone and space

I thought I was putting the parking space number in for the parking space but it went in to a zone area in the app not realizing the difference between the two until I received my receipt. I could have had a ticket since the meter never registered my payment. The App isn’t clear the difference when you aren’t aware there is a difference.

App Does Not Recognize Posted Parking Zones

Your app won’t enemy recognize my posted parking zones or accept payment for the zone and I’m parked right by the sign!!! The app does not work!!!

Unusably slow.

On multiple iPhone 7, 8, and X devices, on gigabit fiber WiFi, ATT & Verizon LTE cellular: This app is SLOW. Like, to the point of being useless. It takes 5+ minutes to log in, and when it finally takes (it fails the first few times usually), it just brings up a new empty login screen. If you cancel that second login screen, you’ll see it actually HAS logged you in. Then the real problems start. Any time I try to do ANYTHING - find a parking zone, pay for parking, select parking time, change a vehicle - doesn’t matter what, it always loads for 5 minutes then fails. RARELY will it load the next page. I literally got a parking ticket because it took me 25 minutes in the lobby screwing with this app to get it to accept my time and payment info. It took so long the ticket guy showed up, wrote up a ticket, and was 15 minutes down the road by the time this app loaded the payment screen. Ironically, their full-screen webpage is far easier to use than the app. Unlike the app the webpage loads, albeit slowly, and will ACTUALLY TAKE YOUR MONEY! Never thought I’d have to cheer for a plain text webpage. Thoroughly disgusted with the quality of the app.


Really disappointed, can’t extend time. Can’t reserve around me. If I want to add more time I have to stay awake or imma get a ticket cause if you repurchase a spot the time will run down even after the first one hasn’t finished...garbage. Complete utter garbage. But it’s okay, its isn't the developers money.

Non-existent customer care

I have reached out to park mobile twice in regards to the app not seeing my payment method. Apple Pay is the default but for some reason it can’t see it and keeps asking me to input a credit card every time I try to use the app. I reached out to them twice with no response and have just now sent them a third message. The app is unusable for me at this point and was working fine before. While they don’t respond, you can still contact your city officials and log an official complaint. If you are having issues I would urge you to do so because it doesn’t look like anything is happening on their end.

Worked great

Super long line at the parking garage in Atlanta. Downloaded the app and used Apple Pay to check us in to our spot. I was finished with all that before half the line was done. Should be super quick next time. Great app! 👍🏻

Really bad!

Some parking don’t have zone number, so, you can’t pay your park!

Uselessly User friendly

It’s nice and easy to pull up the zone and spaces, plus pay. However, if you run into any issues, there’s no help for you and you basically are stuck. Like quickly selecting the wrong vehicle, my bad. I fat fingered, got it. However, there’s nothing they can do. Absolutely nothing and no way to forgive or help work with human error. Plus the transaction fee is fairly steep compared to other parking apps. You can’t modify the vehicle, stop the session, get the money back, nothing. This isn’t the first issue I’ve had, but it’s the first one I’m finally reporting. Much prefer MobileNow! Take note ParkMobile. Not that you’ll care because you’re making money whether or not people are happy, but if you want even more happy people using the app, try working with them a LITTLE bit. Obviously you’re doing something right with 4.4 stars, just not consistently enough for me.

You’ll still get a ticket

Miss a sign that says you just parked in a spot marked as truck loading zone for the next hour? This app is no help. It could at least warn you where there are permanent restrictions. It will happily take your money and let you get the $50 ticket, have a nice day.

Frack It

Don't even get chance to see a demo of how it works before asking for all your info. I'm quite familiar with process having used SpotHero in Chicago. Quess I will just have to wait

Overcharge / no response

I was charged for 2 parking spots. Emailed them the same night. That was 4 days ago and still no response. Only after I got the app did others tell me of their horror stories of overcharging. Don’t use this app!!!

Received Parking Ticket

I used once. Seemed easy enough. Except the part where I got a parking ticket even though I used the app perfectly.

Easy and convenient

So great to know exactly where my car is, how much time is left! And awesome that I can pay on the run!

Need an easier way to switch cars plate in app

Unless I am missing something I have to go into default to select which car I will be parking otherwise it assumes the default. I have multiple cars and you should be able to choose which car you park when you type in the zone and duration.


Had my car towed even after paying for parking. There is no way to contact any type of customer service. Tow truck company almost admitted to being a scam. You park you pay they get called to come get your car and you have to pay to get it back. Called the number to the owner of the lot and his assistant stated his boss calls him he calls the towing service without there being any verification. So careful if parking in Long Beach ca #3789 because you will be towed.

Super convenient

This app is great! Makes things easier for sure. Functionality is very intuitive and effortless. Fantastic!

Great parking app

Great app to park anywhere!!! Can’t go to Dallas without it

I’d rather walk ten blocks than use this app again

First of all, having to have a smartphone to park my car is bull crap anyway. But beyond that I travel out of state and have to use this app as it is the only way to park in the area. So I download the app and try to use it and it continuously crashed until I reinstalled it for the forth time. Then it says it accepts Apple Pay which it does but only your debit credit card and not apple cash. Ok that’s fine. But then I have to set a duration and pay for a certain amount of time. Why? It’s electronic I should be able to check in and out and pay for how long I am there. Ok fine I’ll accept this as a greedy underhanded way or taking people’s hard earned cash but whatever, I guess it’s like putting coins in the slots on the old school meters. My biggest problem with this app is the fact that I have a card I use for this kind of thing so I don’t have to give direct access to my bank account. The charge went on my card, then disappeared. I payed for other stuff with the money I transferred to the card and then the charge went back on my card again causing an overdraft. But wait it gets better it went off again and then back on a third time causing a second overdraft. Lol I contacted my bank the see what the heck was going on and they said it wasn’t on their end. Thankfully they fixed the fees but this app is a joke and to tell you the truth it honestly turns me off from ever vacationing in places that use it. I won’t spend money in Newport Beach ever again.


I love this app. I’m able to renew my parking without leaving the apartment. So easy and convenient!

Bullsh*t! Do not use! You will get a ticket!

This app is complete crap! I’ve now gotten a ticket 2 times despite there being plenty of time left in the app. To make matters worse the only way to dispute a ticket in Dallas is to appear in court... The app offers no help or acknowledgement that there could be something wrong with their system. DO NOT USE!

Super convenient

Very convenient app when traveling in a vehicle and looking for parking. Is a huge time saver

Making my Life Easy

Use this app almost 5 days a week, every week. So Easy. Quick. Love it. Thank You

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