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Use to be good now huge headache

As I tried to update my app last night my payment never went there because it said my name didn't match the card even thought it was exact. I wasnt happy the parking fee was $10 and the app was trying to make me load $25 onto the account. I had done everything I could and received SEVEN emails from ParkMobile only to return to my car with 3 boots on it a $75 fee and scratched rims on my Lexus. Keep in mind this company is partnered with a Business that is BBB rated F with 150 complaints.

Parking mag should start with paid hours

If you arrive at 8:00am and paid Parking begins at 9:00am, when you pay for time AT THE BOX, your meter time should start from valid parking hours, not the tome you pay. In other words, paid time should begin at 9, not 8, otherwise we are paying for non-fee time. That ain’t right.

First Time User

Downloaded the app in Rehoboth Beach yesterday. Paid and was done with in couple of minutes. Got a reminder 15 min before the meter expired and extended per tap on the phone. It is useful to have Apple Pay, so you don’t have to upload your credit card info. All in all, a positive experience. Imagine the alternative, scrambling the pockets for change or finding a store to break $10.

Horrible APP!

What would be one functionality of a parking app that would be just complete common sense? How to I extend my time. A simple button on the main screen where you see your time running out? Nope. Have to go through numerous articles in the help menu which still doesn’t address it. Tried this for the first and last time and still received a $25 citation from the city. Even showed them a picture of my car parked right under the sign with copies of my paid receipts. THIS APP DOES NOT WORK.

Used to be a great app...

Used to be a great app...but now I can no longer pay with my debit/credit cards. It makes me pay thru a third party, which is a hassle. Once I use a new payment method, I can no longer use it in the future. I’m sure it’s a glitch, but it’s been happening for at least 4 months now and the app is useless at this point bc I’m out of payment options.

Great ! Once we have the cars written in !

We had so much difficulty when we didn’t log and write in each of our 4 cars. Then, one day I decided to put them in, 1 by 1. Poof ! No more problems ! Fantastic app !

Please add a refill option

Date nights can go a little over. You guys should offer an option to add more time


Easy & Straight to the point!!!

Love it

So nice to not have to deal with quarters or have to run and plug the meter!

Convenient modern parking payment

Hey, so uh, I guess if I have to pay for parking, this is the preferred method. Simple to use and convenient.

The designers of this app should be embarrassed

Worst app ever created. Don’t waste time or money trying to use it to park. They will just eat your money and you’ll still get a parking ticket. And they don’t off refunds. Payment methods don’t work and the entire functionality of the app is useless. A true embarrassment.

Easy to use and pretty fast too

Very happy with this app

Great app !



Large sign advertising about online ParkMobile app gives zone #. Downloaded app entered my information, entered zone# and wasn’t even recognized. Complained to parking security and he informed that nobody bothers with that app! LOL Amature app developers. Waste of time!

Doesn’t work

Constantly asks for payment method. Uninstall/reinstall doesn’t work. Help isn’t available. Just go to the website, works every time even though it isn’t a mobile friendly site. Somehow my account and payment can save and work on the website but never the app. Don’t bother downloading this thing.

Keeps asking to add a payment method

The app is super helpful. However, the last couple times I have used it, after I enter a zone number, the app will not let me go any further until I “add a payment method.” I don’t want to add any more payment methods but it is not clear to me how to skip that step so I can pay and move on. It is really annoying and keeps me from going above 3 stars.

Ease of Use

The App is a no brainer. Easy Peeze

Great app very efficient

App is very accurate and informational . Great to use for vacation trips across the east coast ... parking made easy didn’t have to keep using my card in various places

Can’t live without it

Works really wellI always use Apple Pay!

No help with unclear instructions

I paid for parking but could not see where spot was. Zone did not exist. No phone number. No response to help desk ticket or to email. Still trying to get refund thru PayPal. Have used other parking apps with no problems

Don’t download this app. Big ripoff

I downloaded this app, put in my cc information and received confirmation and QR code for a reservation on a downtown Denver parking space. The app instructed me to “present the QR code to the attendant”. Only there was no attendant at this lot. Signs say specifically that the lot is unattended. When I came out of my event there was a $60 ticket on the window. I called customer service and was told that I should have printed out the receipt and placed it on my dashboard. Nowhere in the confirmation did it say I needed to do that. It only said to present the QR code to the attendant. This is a fraudulent app and company, in my opinion. Steer clear.


Just pay there, they can tell when your time has ran out and they towed my car within 5 min of it running out. I showed up 10 min late. 🙄

It’s a parking app that works... not neuroscience

I’m not sure why so many people ranked it low. It’s a parking app. All you have to do is make sure you enter your car right and card right...and guess what, it’s awesome. Cool part... I was visiting a friend in a different state... she didn’t have the app... was from the burbs... a bit confused... I just added her car to mine and bam- paid for parking and she paid for dinner. I got the better deal!


Best parking app! Easy to use and very convenient. Signing up is simple and there are many options available all through out the app. Couldn’t be more pleased! Well done!

Super simple!!

Great way to pay to park in busy cities. Easy connection with Debit/Credit card and the reminders are super helpful when you are running around and lose track of time.


ParkMobile is extremely useful. I’ve never had an issue with setting up a parking spot since I started using it 2 years ago.


Excellent app I absolutely love it no more digging for quarters. Thanks



iPad app?! Watch!

I gave it a perfect rating but an iPad app instead of an Apple Watch app?! Really?! Kill the iPad app and replace it with the more mobile Apple Watch app. Plus, focus in app notifications not emails which can end up in junk mail box. Make the in app notifications audible/vibration. Most people who use park mobile have Apple Watches or iPhones on hand not an iPad

Great app

The best app. Works perfect!

Won’t let me use stored credit card!

This no longer lets me used a stored credit card, Apple Pay, or even a new credit card. Only PayPal and ChasePay. Which I don’t have an account with! Completely unusable until this is fixed


This app comes in handy. When I am downtown in my office . It slows me to not leave my desk to feed a meter. Very convenient. I do wish that it wasn’t a service charge of 30 cents. However I know they have to make their money somehow.

Works well

Several small towns that we get to approx monthly have switched to AP based parking. ParkMobile works particularly well on repeat parking like this. I’ve stopped saving Quarters.

Very Convenient app...

This is a lifesaver as I never have to worry about broken meters or exact change!! The other day I literally had to warn a couple guys parked on the same street as my car that the parking enforcement was coming! While I’m sitting back looking at the time remaining (I had plenty) these guys were scrambling for change running to the meter!That alone makes the Parkingmobile app worth it!

You gotta be kidding me

I pulled into the lot. I used your app I extended my time with your app. I returned to my truck before time expired to find a $28 Ticket. Useless app Pointless


It’s great when in a rush and I’m not able to leave the office quickly to repay to park


I paid for my parking and I still got a ticket! USELESS APP

Makes parking easy

Gone are the days of hauling around rolls of quarters. With ParkMobile you can pay even small parking fees with your credit card, for free.

Pretty good and useful

I have had only one issue and that’s changing my default card, but other than that it has been pretty good! When my husband and I go to different things in Downtown we just type the ParkMobile app and call it a day!

Cool app

Parkmobile saves time & money and is easy to use. Receipt emails easily dropped into QBP/QuickBooks for employee/smb owners. Indispensable for business use. If where you park honors Parkmobile, this app saves time and money at so many levels. It works at lots that promote other pay options as well!


Crashes every time I try and book. There is a short term and a long term lot in Eagle Colorado. These halfwits have them listed in the same geo location so you’re only able to choose the more expensive ‘short term’ lot. Thanks for the ticket dirtbags!

Works perfectly well!

Convenient, quick, easy to use. Good enough for me!

Cost me a $30 violation

Older versions allowed easy switch between cars. Also clearly identified which car you were paying for parking. You need to now go into settings and change your default car anytime you want to pay for a different car that is already in your list of vehicles. I have three cars and was confused as to which car I had set as the default since it did not tell me as I was setting the parking duration. Paid a $30 violation plus the fee to the app plus the $6 to the city for the other car that was home in my driveway. MAKE IT EASY TO switch between cars like before. SETTINGS ARE NOT SOMETHING YOU SHOULD HAVE TO TINKER WITH WHEN YOU HAVE A CAR FULL OF KIDS AND YOU ARE TRYING TO PAY FOR PARKING.

Previously Great App...

Park Mobile used to be an awesome app, but their new versions get hung up on trying to convince you to add a new payment method. Please keep it simple for your users to pay with credit card or it’s faster to walk to a machine.

Not user friendly

This app is not user friendly. After selecting a parking zone, entering a payment method, and duration the app seemed to indicate that the transaction was complete by forwarding an email to my personal account. However, we had a $30 citation when we returned to our car. It appears that after longing in your info to the app you also need to login to a separate website to confirm payment. This was not clear for a first time user. I would not recommend this app.


I have had mediocre success with this app when it works I love it but has few times it gave me error notice try again I finally gave up and got change for meter only to later be charged multiple times for the “tries” I had even screen shot the messages I was getting bc if I got ticket (before I found change )was going to show it as my defense When I got charged I contacted app and was told sorry we are not responsible for any issues we don’t do refunds (again I had screen with date and time) so feel like it’s sketchy but still use it time to tine when I don’t have change but know better if I get any messages not to trust it

Don’t use this app. They ignore requests for support.

I don’t recommend using this app. They completely ignore requests for support - especially refunds (I purchased parking for the wrong vehicle by accident, and had to repurchase for the correct vehicle).

Pointless app

What is the point of this app? After paying for parking, it says “Time will not display on parking meter”. The parking meter never turned green. I know, because I was sitting in the car watching to see if it would take effect. Eventually, I just went and paid at the meter. It was perfect timing, since parking enforcement was right behind me. The app takes your money. The meter doesn’t show that it’s been paid. You get a nice fat ticket. And what? And the app will help you fight that ticket? And how much time will that take? It’s faster to just put quarters in the meter and move on with your day than dealing with this.


Needs some kind of timer option to remind you how long you have been paying for parking. Very easy to accumulate hours or even a whole day by accident. Need to be able to specify an initial duration limit and prompt to extend or end it near expiration. This app is otherwise great for getting g you to overpay!

This app does not work in Bethesda MD

I had to pay at the meter since the app didn’t open !

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